Arif Virani

Your member of parliament for

Parkdale-High Park

Arif Virani

Your member of parliament for

Parkdale-High Park


UPDATE: Helios Reports to NAV CANADA and GTAA Now Available

To the residents of Parkdale-High Park,

I have heard from and spoken with many of you via email, at your doors, or over the phone about the increase in air traffic noise that has been affecting our community.

To address this issue, I have had multiple meetings with GTAA, NAV CANADA, and Helios – both here in our community, and in Ottawa. Helios, as you may know, is a UK based aviation consultancy that was appointed by NAV CANADA and GTAA to complete an independent review of the GTA airspace.

My staff and I have also had meetings and frequent discussions with representatives of the Toronto Aviation Noise Group (TANG) and Residents’ Air Noise Group of Oakville (RANGO), about this important issue. We helped ensure that they were invited and present at recent consultation meetings with Helios.

On May 27, I hosted a Town Hall with fellow Toronto-area MPs in which we invited NAV CANADA, GTAA, and Helios to hear concerns directly from members of our respective communities.

Helios recently presented its complete report and recommendations to both NAV Canada and GTAA.

On September 18, Helios presented its review to NAV CANADA to help mitigate the air traffic noise in the Greater Toronto Area. If you missed the livestream or were not able to attend, you can view the presentation here, and you can access the final presentation documents at

For further questions regarding the report, please contact

On September 27, Helios then presented its recommendations and best practices in noise management to GTAA during a CENAC public meeting. You can view the presentation here, access the slide deck here, and review the report here.

For additional resources, the slide deck from the Community Roundtable with GTAA is available here, and the GTAA’s 2008-2030 Master Plan here.

As a next step, I plan to attend the next CENAC meeting on December 6, in which GTAA is expected to outline its strategy to address the air traffic noise. GTAA must present its 2018-2023 Noise Management Action Plan by early 2018. I will continue to closely monitor the situation and GTAA’s response, and I will also continue to report on new developments.

Thank you for your continued engagement. Please do not hesitate to contact me about this or any other issue.

Yours truly,

Arif Virani
MP for Parkdale-High Park
Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Heritage (Multiculturalism)